Mind Bubble Spring Fundraiser: Catan for Cheaters!

Mind Bubble is following up its successful Fall 2016 fundraiser with something new and different for the¬†spring: we’ll be hosting a Settlers of Catan tournament (with a twist) for folks in the metro Atlanta area. Settlers of Catan, for the uninitiated, is a popular board game created in Germany in 1995 where 3-4 players compete … More Mind Bubble Spring Fundraiser: Catan for Cheaters!


My first short story sale, a near-future flash fiction piece called “Echoes“, has been published on¬†Every Day Fiction. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Statement of Purpose

This is my first blog. This may be a strange thing for someone of my generation to admit, but it’s true nonetheless. I missed out on the Livejournal craze back in high school (though I’m glad to see George R.R. Martin keeping that platform alive), never had a Myspace page, and have never posted anything … More Statement of Purpose