I am a part-time professor of philosophy at Morehouse College, where I’ve taught both honors and regular sections of Introduction to Philosophy as well as upper-level courses in the philosophy of science and logic. I attended the University of Michigan for graduate school where I worked under Gordon Belot. I defended my dissertation, Prospects for a New Account of Time Reversal, in May of 2013. I work in a number of areas including Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Religion, and Ethics. The picture is from a presentation I gave on the quantum sleeping beauty problem in 2009 at the University of Western Ontario LMP Conference (and is one of the few images I’ve ever made for a philosophy talk on my work). It remains a humbling testament to my lack of skill with Photoshop. Below are a few of my publications. If you don’t have institutional access to one of my papers without a “preprint” link and would like to read it, please get in touch with me (I do not use My full CV is available upon request.

Do Time-Asymmetric Laws call for Time-Asymmetric Spacetime Structure?” (2017) Disputatio 9.44, 75-98.

Putting Measurement First: Understanding ‘Grit’ in Educational Policy and Practice” (2015) Journal for Philosophy of Education 49.4, 571-589

Prospects for a New Account of Time Reversal” (2015) Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 49, 42-56. (Preprint)

Is Praying for the Morally Impermissible Morally Permissible?” (2014) International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 75.3, 254-264.

Qeauty and the Books: A Response to Lewis’s Quantum Sleeping Beauty Problem” (2011) Synthese 181.3, 367-74. (Preprint)

“Relativity of Simultaneity and Blockworld: A Defense of Eternalism” (2010) with M. Silberstein in Space, Time, and Spacetime: Physical and Philosophical Implications of Minkowski’s Unification of Space and Time, ed. V. Petkov. 209-238. (Preprint)

I have also authored several entries for the free online philosophy anthology 1000-Word Philosophy.