Science Fiction

I am an occasional sci-fi writer. My recent short stories include:

  • “LEM,” published in the January/February 2023 edition of Analog Magazine.
  • “The Tale of Anise and Basil,” published in the January/February 2021 edition of Analog Magazine.
  • “And Joy shall overtake us as a flood,” published in After Dinner Conversation in December 2020
  • God-Forsaken“, published on in August 2018.
  • “Preface to The Handbook of Social Treatments for Conceptual Allergies”, published in the July/August 2018 edition of Analog Magazine as part of their “Probability Zero” series. You can read a brief author Q&A about this piece here.
  • Echoes“, published by Every Day Fiction ( on December 16, 2016.

I am always looking for more interested beta readers. If you’d be willing to serve as a beta reader, please get in touch through my contact page.