Time Asymmetries and Disputatio

Today my paper “Do Time-Asymmetric Laws call for Time-Asymmetric Spacetime Structure?” was published in the journal Disputatio. I’m extremely excited to announce this publication for two main reasons. The first is that this paper is one of my favorites. It points out a leap in logic that a lot of philosophers of physics seem happy to make but infrequently justify, and making that leap without justification has become one of my pet peeves when reading papers. So maybe, if I’m lucky, a few of these “leapers” will read my paper and explain themselves next time before they jump.

But the second reason I’m excited to announce the paper’s publication is that it’s in Disputatio, and I’ve become a big fan of this journal. I first discovered Disputatio a few years ago when I was asked to referee a paper for them, and I had such a good experience with the editors that I decided to send them my work. The reviewers’ comments I received from them were both helpful and thoughtful (unfortunately a rarity these days), and the editors were easy to correspond with. Overall, I had a great experience with them from start to finish. But one of the things I love most about Disputatio is that they’re open access, which I’ve come to appreciate even more since a number of the articles I’ve wanted to read recently have been stuck behind paywalls that South Georgia State can’t help me get through. This is all to say that if you’ve got a paper in analytic philosophy that needs a good home (and, I should mention, Disputatio covers a broad range of analytic philosophy, not just phil. physics-y stuff), I’d strongly encourage you to consider Disputatio.

2 thoughts on “Time Asymmetries and Disputatio

  1. I was looking forward to reading your article, but the link in this page is broken! Is there another way to read it?


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