2017 Year-End Wrap-up

With less than 4 hours before 2018 begins, I thought I’d take a moment to think back (bloggishly) on the past year. Let’s get the requisite “2017 was, by and large, a year full of misery on both the national and international level” out of the way because there is some good to reflect on and look forward to for 2018 and beyond.

For starters, Mind Bubble had an absolutely amazing 2017. Our fall fundraiser concluded at the beginning of December, and we raised nearly $6,000, which will go a long way towards keeping our programming going into the future. We’ve also grown our services in new and exciting ways in the past year, adding new tutoring sessions and introducing our first workshops. It’s been incredibly rewarding to hear back from grateful parents and students and to watch new folks join us as the year went on, and I am so, so grateful to the volunteers and donors whose generosity makes Mind Bubble what it is.

I’ve also been excited to see my writing (academic and fiction) catch on a bit this year. One of the papers I’ve labored longest and hardest on finally came to press in Disputatio this year, and though I published no new fiction this year, I’m in talks with editors about some pieces that should be coming out in 2018. In particular, I’m excited to announce that one of my stories will be published online at anotherealm.com in August of 2018 (you can find Anotherealm’s full 2018 schedule here). I’ll blog again to let everyone know when it’s up.

Finally, thanks so much to everyone who celebrated the good times and vented about the bad times with me this year – we all got through 2017 together, and I’m looking forward to sharing 2018 with you shortly. Be well, and happy new year!

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