Mind Bubble Summer Workshop Season

This weekend, Mind Bubble concluded its summer workshop season with “Adventures with Words”, a workshop where students played Bananagrams and used the results of their games to craft abstract poems. The workshop was run by the fantastic Theresa Davis, a local poet, and all of the students had a blast! Our other two summer workshops were my wife Lucy’s “Outbreak!” workshop, where students learned about public health as they dealt with “outbreaks” of pertussis and salmonella, and “The Mathematics of Board Games”, where Mind Bubble’s CVO Eric Canosa and I taught students about mathematical concepts like probability and variable substitution through board games like Liar’s Dice and Bazaar. The workshops were a huge success, and thanks again to our facilitators who did such a great job getting our students interested in their fields!

We’re starting to plan our workshop slate for Fall 2017, so if you live in the metro Atlanta area and have an idea for a fun workshop our students would enjoy and learn from, get in touch! Some workshops we’re hoping to host in the near future focus on, among other things, debate, comic books, and astronomy, so we’re casting a pretty wide net. We’re hoping to start our Fall 2017 workshop season in September, which is when our free tutoring program resumes as well.

Thanks, as always, to our fantastic volunteers and donors who make all of our work possible!

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