“The Greatest Country in the World”

To keep up on state politics in Georgia, I often tune in to my local NPR station’s politics podcast “Political Breakfast”. For two consecutive weeks (5/28/21 and 6/4/21), the show waded into the national debate over critical race theory (CRT), made salient to Georgia politics by our governor’s recent actions, and the show’s Republican communications … More “The Greatest Country in the World”

Mind Bubble in 2020

Mind Bubble has seriously grown since the last time I shared an update on this website back in 2018; in our last semester of 2019, we broke attendance records for both our Sunday and Wednesday tutoring sessions, and our workshops in 2020 have both been so highly in demand that we’ve had to waitlist students! … More Mind Bubble in 2020

Sleeping Beauty on 1000-Word Philosophy

I recently wrote a (very) short introduction to the Sleeping Beauty problem for the website 1000-Word Philosophy (link here). In an age of excellent free online philosophy resources like the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 1000-Word Philosophy is unique in that it offers extremely short and novice-accessible introductions to a … More Sleeping Beauty on 1000-Word Philosophy

New Short Story on Anotherealm

I’m pleased to announce that my short story “God-Forsaken” is anotherealm.com’s short story for August 2018. You can read the short story online for free here. It’s my longest fiction publication to date, but that was true of each of my previously published short stories as well at the time they were published. Enjoy!