Mind Bubble Fall 2017 Fundraiser

November is upon us, which means that it’s time for Mind Bubble’s big annual fall fundraiser! It’s been a year since our first ever major fundraiser, which was a fantastic success, and Mind Bubble has been hard at work over the past year putting our donors’ money to good use. We now host three weekly tutoring sessions at two locations in the metro Atlanta area, we’ve nearly doubled our tutoring capacity, and, in just the last several months, we’ve started our workshops program to engage students with exciting topics ranging from public health to poetry. And we have big plans for our future, including workshops on topics like social activism and astronomy, a further expansion for our tutoring program, and, if our fundraising efforts are successful enough, paid staff members to help Mind Bubble grow and better serve our community.

One of Mind Bubble’s core values is that all of our programs (both tutoring and workshops) are free to our students. Eric (Mind Bubble’s CVO) and I donate our time (neither of us holds a paid staff position), and all of our tutors and workshop facilitators are volunteers as well, but Mind Bubble’s operations still come at a significant cost that we alone can’t cover. That’s why we rely on the generosity of our donors to keep our doors open and our programming free to everyone in our community so that all of our students have access to high-quality educational resources regardless of their ability to pay.

Please consider supporting Mind Bubble’s mission by donating today. Our fundraiser’s webpage can be found here, and you can learn more about Mind Bubble here. Thanks!

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