I was born in Carlisle, PA and ended up in Decatur, GA by way of Richmond, VA; Staunton, VA; Swarthmore, PA; and Ann Arbor, MI. I was introduced to philosophy in high school when I got hooked on Plato, and, before I realized that Philosophy of Physics was a thing, I was convinced I wanted to specialize in ancient philosophy. My philosophical role models are, in no particular order, Frank Arntzenius, John Earman, David Hume, David Lewis, Tim Maudlin, and every graduate student and faculty member I spent time with while in grad school at Michigan.

When I’m not teaching, writing, or Mind Bubbling, I spend my time hiking, reading, gaming, and cooking. My favorite non-philosophers to read (and my literary role models) are Neil Gaiman, N.K. Jemisin, Hannu Rajaniemi, and Patrick Rothfuss. I play mostly board games (lots of Imperial Assault at the moment) and card games. I enjoy cooking with Indian spices, though calling what results Indian food seems unfair to Indian food.

I also have a wife, Lucy, and a daughter, Talia. That’s Talia in the picture. She’s adorable and very small, but, like most of us, not as small as she once was.