Mind Bubble in 2020

Mind Bubble has seriously grown since the last time I shared an update on this website back in 2018; in our last semester of 2019, we broke attendance records for both our Sunday and Wednesday tutoring sessions, and our workshops in 2020 have both been so highly in demand that we’ve had to waitlist students!

But the biggest change heading into 2020 is that our Wednesday tutoring sessions are now hosted at Agnes Scott College’s Bullock Science Center, giving us more space for our tutorials and helping us build a partnership with Agnes Scott’s community. This move follows on the heels of shifting our Sunday tutoring session to the Decatur Library in January of 2019. Both new tutoring venues have been huge for us, bringing new members (both volunteers and students) into our community and allowing us to serve those record numbers of students I mentioned.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mind Bubble and want to keep abreast of changes in a more timely manner than I ever manage on here, please check out our website at: https://mindbubble.org/.


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