Mind Bubble Spring Fundraiser: Catan for Cheaters!

Mind Bubble is following up its successful Fall 2016 fundraiser with something new and different for the spring: we’ll be hosting a Settlers of Catan tournament (with a twist) for folks in the metro Atlanta area. Settlers of Catan, for the uninitiated, is a popular board game created in Germany in 1995 where 3-4 players compete to settle and develop the uninhabited fictional island of Catan.

To turn the tournament into a more exciting fundraiser, Mind Bubble’s shaking things up by letting people do something they’re never, ever allowed to do in board game tournaments: get away with cheating. Players will be expected to raise money for Mind Bubble in the month leading up to the tournament, and the money they raise can be used over the course of the tournament to buy various cheats to help give them the edge in their games. So good news: even if you’re not the world’s greatest Catan player, if you raise enough money, you might just have a shot at winning!

All in all, the fundraiser promises to be great fun: the kickoff party will take place on 3/19 and will give everyone a chance to hang out, play some games, and size up the competition, while the actual tournament will take place on 4/22. More information about the fundraiser can be found at: https://mindbubble.org/catan/. If you’re a Catan fanatic, I hope you’ll consider joining us, and if not, please consider sponsoring a player!

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