Mind Bubble Fall 2016 Fundraiser and Beyond

The Mind Bubble Fall 2016 Fundraiser is now complete! After a month of fundraising, we raised $9,058 through Indiegogo Generosity and the support of our amazing donors. Eric and I are so thankful to all of your for your help and support!

So what are we going to do with that money? Well, first off, we’ve got some application fees to pay. Eric and I are busy (Mind Bubble may be off for the holidays, but we aren’t!) preparing our application for 501c3 status and assembling our board. Eric’s also starting to work on a website redesign. But, on a more exciting note, we’re busy recruiting tutors for the spring semester, when we’ll be opening up a second tutoring session. Instead of just running one tutoring session from 2-4 PM each Sunday, we’ll have one session from 1-3 PM and one session from 3-5 PM, allowing us to get more of our students off the waitlist.

In short, it’s an exciting time for Mind Bubble, and the future looks bright, so thank you once again to our amazing donors and volunteers who make our operation possible!

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