Sleeping Beauty on 1000-Word Philosophy

I recently wrote a (very) short introduction to the Sleeping Beauty problem for the website 1000-Word Philosophy (link here). In an age of excellent free online philosophy resources like the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 1000-Word Philosophy is unique in that it offers extremely short and novice-accessible introductions to a … More Sleeping Beauty on 1000-Word Philosophy


My first short story sale, a near-future flash fiction piece called “Echoes“, has been published on Every Day Fiction. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Statement of Purpose

This is my first blog. This may be a strange thing for someone of my generation to admit, but it’s true nonetheless. I missed out on the Livejournal craze back in high school (though I’m glad to see George R.R. Martin keeping that platform alive), never had a Myspace page, and have never posted anything … More Statement of Purpose